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Iron Benefits

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Iron Benefits

Too much iron can lead to a life threatening condition called Iron Toxicity. The right amount of iron has many benefits.

  • Helps boost oxygen supply to muscles
  • Increases resistance to disease and stress.
  • Prevents fatigue
  • Nutrition Tip: Vitamin C helps your body absorb Iron!

    The right amounts of iron in a healthy diet is essential to the body producing oxygen caryying hemoglobin. It might be appropriate to consult with your medical doctor about the possibility of not having enough iron in your diet if work productivity decreases, irritability increases, increased heart rate, lack of energy or exhaustion, pale appearance, poor appetites, or short attention spans are present.

    Foods High In Iron

    Iron information is not designed to replace the patient-doctor relationship and should never be used to diagnose any medical problem. Excessive iron quantities can result in iron toxicity. A condition that can harm your body and can cause diabetes, heart failure, and liver disease.
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